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Superior Services for Novelists and Short-Fiction Writers

The published writers and creative writing professors at Pro Novel Editing provide the best online editorial services available for your novel manuscript. We will fix your fiction manuscript's grammar and syntax, but we also provide developmental assistance if necessary as well. We can tighten your story, develop dialogue, provide much needed exposition and description — whatever your book requires without altering your unique voice as a writer. For more detailed information and a free sample edit and/or critique of your novel manuscript (included with every price quote so you can see exactly what Pro Novel Editing's services can do for your creative writing project), please contact our founding writer and editor at

The Levels of Editorial Attention

The various levels of editing are defined differently from service to service, but it is perhaps best to think of the following as falling along a spectrum, each subsequent level of service also encompassing the previous levels:

  • Proofreading includes fixing errors: grammar, punctuation, improper word choices, etc.
  • Line Editing includes also rearranging some syntax to better effect.
  • Developmental Editing includes also fleshing out a scene or sections of dialogue and providing transitions for clarity and continuity.
  • Book Doctoring (another name for the heavy end of Developmental Editing) includes as much writing and rewriting as necessary to achieve a good book. The writer must specifically request this level of intervention.

***The editor determines the level of editing required via a sample edit of a portion of the manuscript (which varies by project, but please send the first 5-7 pages) and provides the writer with a price quote. The sample edit also serves to demonstrate the level of attention your editor will provide for your book, and the per word price quote tells you up front exactly what the complete edit will cost.***

Pro Novel Editing also provides the following services:

  • Critiques, which are defined in greater detail below.
  • Mentoring, which will vary based on what the writer requires (a program is designed based on input from the writer).
  • Query Letters, a hybrid version that contains the best elements of several models for such letters suggested by agents and publishers.
  • Self-Publishing Services, including book and eBook layout, cover design, and website design.

Contact our founding writer and editor for more information regarding any of these services at

Pro Novel Editing's Critiques: Road Map to Revision and Master Class in Fiction Writing

"You have fulfilled all of my expectations and more. You have, indeed, provided me with a class on writing craft. Your thorough comments about story, characterization, pace, and description will help me be a better writer (and as you know, I have many books already in print). I am looking forward to revising. Thank you very much." Don W., Writer of Adult and Young Adult Novels

First what a critique is not at Pro Novel Editing. Many of our competitors offer something called marketing critiques, which mostly consist of very broad-brush comments that any first-year creative writing student could mouth. These so-called critiques are in fact merely a gateway to further services and nothing more. At Pro Novel Editing, many of our clients do in fact hire us for a critique and an edit (the latter follows the writer's revision based on the critique), but we never try to sell you more services than you need and our critique is designed to improve both your manuscript and your writing skills.

At Pro Novel Editing, a critique consists of in-text notes regarding micro/local-level issues (such as suggestions for character and story development, plausibility issues, notes to improve dialogue, etc.) and a write-up regarding macro/global-level issues (such as the overall arrangement of the text, the overall quality of the story, characterization, plot, pace, etc.).

The notes and separate write-up amount to two very important outcomes for any serious writer: a detailed road map for revision of the manuscript at hand and a master class in fiction writing based upon the writer's own creative work, which amounts to a larger road map — to becoming a better fiction writer.

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